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This is a shoutbox
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aaaaaah thank you so much guys!!
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[Edited : 04/14/2014] Commissions still open! =3

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 2, 2014, 4:33 PM

BlackKnife12 here!

and still alive...:XD:

How're you all doing?
Just to make a reminding,my last journal stated that I enlisted in the United States Army a few months ago and be less active around the christmas break....well,I graduated Basic Combat Training (BCT) is which no longer called "Boot Camp",last month on February 6th,and I am enduring through 8 weeks of AIT - Advanced Initial Training,meaning I have to go to school for my picked job in the US Army,which I am going to be a Unit supply specialist : meaning....well,I rarely do anything,besides type in and print stuff and ship out items to any unit who are either in base or prior to deployment.

So far,I am in week 4 - 4 more weeks to go,and then I get a 2 week rest back home! ^^

But it's just to let you know,that since we keep our electronics in our barracks (and IN our barracks only),I get to work more on my art while being on personal time ^^

I also want to mention something else
I am almost completing the storyline for "GUNSMOKE",even though I have a bunch of ideas that could expand the universe,and have started on another story - I mentioned this a while back to you guys,mentioning that I plan on making a reboot on a short-lived animated cartoon series some of you all may be familiar with,and some may have heard of it. A small series called,"ROAD ROVERS". A group of chosen anthropomorphic canines that are set to defend the world from villainy.
My little story is a much darker reboot to the animated series :
Set in a much darker,and more mysterious world - a different world than "Road Rovers",where a secret,covert operations,(hence the title of the story :v) where they fight terrorism and extremists,in close combat and in tactical warfare. Though,not sure you all are aware of this...but when it comes to story making,I always focus on the characters : just because I draw military and involve special forces,is not because it's cool looking (even though it is),but everytime I design some characters,I keep thinking of backstories for them - meaning,what? I always focus on characters - not just war or the amount of weapons I can count on the top of my head (which my drill sergeants found impressive),but with the environment or the situations that can create character development - change their outlook and maybe change the game plan in the battlefield/or story,making things hella interesting.

In case most of you remember,there are characters that are still from "Road Rovers",just changed and modified in a way to fit in the story :
-Colleen Meredith (Colleen) : Sergeant in the Special Air Service (SAS)
-Joseph Hemming (CODENAME : HUNTER) : Staff Sergeant - US Army 75th Regiment/Army Rangers (DISCHARGED)
-Eric Krieger (CODENAME : BLITZKRIEG/BLITZ) : 1st Lieutenant - Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) - (DISCHARGED)
-Sergei Odjrenko (CODENAME : EXILE) : 1st Lieutenant - Russian Spetsnaz/Vympel/KGB - (DISCHARGED)

Most of these characters are much modified and modernized from the cartoon.
And here are the original protagonists :
-John Harrison : Captain - Green Berets (DISCHARGED)/Colonel - Protocol DOGMA
-Jack Holland (Human) : 2nd Lieutenant - CIA/OGA (Other Government Agency)
-Cody Brandt : a 12 year old Fennec fox with an IQ of 220 and that handles super computer electronics
-Rose LeFleur : a 27 year old Shetland sheepdog who specializes in medical treatment and vehicle engineering.
-Jason Bowman (CODENAME : WHEELER) :  A 28 year old blonde furred wolf/fox with a very high speed stealth,and a sergeant in the United States 75th Regiment Rangers.
-Derrick Haggard (CODENAME : WRECKER) :  A 35 year old (human) soldier with a very well marskman score,and a sergeant first class in the United States 75th Regiment Rangers.
-Brian Collins (CODENAME : ARCHER) : A 42 year old (human) soldier in the Special Air Service/SAS/British special forces,who is known to have been through an accident which left his right eye in a very clairvoyant state - meaning his eye clarity is at high quality,and having no problem with firing at a far distance. He also wields a modified compound bow.

I also have a bunch of villains - far more menacing and a lot more villains/antagonists/anti-heroes than in the old cartoon,honestly >w<
(EDITED : 04/14/2014)
-Victor Harrison : An insane psychopath,terrorist mastermind,and John's brother
-Jack Harrison : (Not-so) psychotic ganglord,and Victor's estranged son,and John's nephew
-Saito : A samurai/warrior/bounty hunter/mercenary,master sword expert,and an old friend of John
-Roman Morgan Westley : A grey wolf,who's opulent in the underworld of weapons smuggling,and a very high tempered man.
-Ironclad : A bio-engineer,wearing a super exoskeleton that is powered by steam and have pressure cannon-gauntlets
  (*The gauntlets are inspired by the show "BIG-0" ^^)
-Disparo/Leonard Cooper : A komodo dragon,who's former special forces (US Army Rangers),sniper master and expert,and a bounty hunter
-Daemon : An immortal demon,who is nearly 500 years old,and has the ability to turn anything to ash by a touch of his finger
-Archibald Kingsley : a former scientist,who exposed himself to his experiments and transformerd into a super-gorilla,causing his IQ to reach to a huge extent,and have super strength at the same time
-"One Ghost" (anti-hero) : an unknown vigilante/mercenary,who is an excellent shooter,combat strategist,martial artist expert,and a sniper master
-Rorke : A muscular alligator,who is a former warlord,now wanted by NATO,and has the most thickest skin,it's considered "bullet-proof"
-Elena : a female assassin,with a high IQ,and a master swordsman
-Crowe : A mysterious necromancer,who is extremely intelligent,and possibly a time traveler
-Xavier : (CLASSIFIED PERSON) who is former special forces,CIA's "most wanted",has incredible intelligence and strength,and a former member of "Protocol DOGMA" (FUTURE SPOILER)
-Charles Samuel Eklund : A dark indigo hawk,who has an extremely high IQ,a bio-engineer and alchemist,and is at least 400 years old
-General George "Parvo" Harmmond (human) : a long drifter,who later became a war lord in Northern Ireland. He moved into the United States to become secretive as a ganglord in the underworld.
-Seyana : (Anti-hero) A female leopard,who pertains the skills with wielding dual blades,trained in Krav Maga and Russian martial arts,and as well as able to speak in multiple languages.
-Lady Reaver : a werewolfess who is a cybernetic bounty hunter,with claws and teeth that shifts to metal
-Madam Mysteria : a mysterious masked woman who controls the psychological and dreams of those who become her victims
-Persia (anti-hero) : a classy Afghan hound,who is quite the opulent ponzi-schemer and as well as a woman who knows a few good hitmen. She also studies astronomy.
-Miranda Gibson (anti-hero) : a female African wild dog,who is a former US Marine,specializing in explosions and secretive detonations. She is also Jack's exgirlfriend.
-Bloodshot : former special forces in the United States Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta/SFOD-D/Delta Force,a professional sniper,and as well as a remarkable marksman,whom he wears a highly advanced suit that is bulletproof ; he also wears a helmet wear the lens is connected to a high processing voltage capacitator on his suit that will enable him to blast a plasma cannon beam out of his lens.
-Scale : a black scaled komodo dragon,whom was born with a slight birth defect - making him entirely black scaled. His IQ reaches up to 220,making him a dangerous extremist mastermind.
- Knight-Owl : a former peace politician,turned psychotic and justice thirsty. AKA,Jason Edwards,was met in an event that led his life from tragic,to bloodthirsty - vowing of not only vengeance,but also vowing to avenge the justice that "America has thrown in the abyss and left it to rot itself". He wears a high velocity and very stable battlesuit,as an image to an owl.


That's all I got for you all! xD

Honestly,I'm trying my best to make Protocol Dogma look like a comic book because of the various of villains ready to be in place of the series. It's interesting seeing a few protagonists fight off against the many of evil,insane,psychotic,and powerful enemies who dare want to destroy them,or burn the whole world with a strong purpose.

So comment on what'd you think of it so far - but keep them appropriate please ^^

As for commissions,they're still open! =3

I've taken the liberty to edit the majority of the prices,since the very few of you (you know who you are :p ) who were nice enough to comment on wanting to buy something from me ^^
-Video game characters
-Bikini girls
-Bikini poses
-Sonic characters
-Pokemon characters (I need practice xD)
-tattoo designs
-Porn (BE SPECIFIC/read the rules further below this journal)
-Cyborgs (depends on the complexity)
-Aliens (depends on the complexity)
-Mud wrestling
-Gays/Lesbian couples (It can be suggestive - *if anything more,it will cost you)
-Reference sheets

(*Speak to me before making this option - we'll negotiate)

-Vore (A person eating another person!? F*CK NO!!!)
-Futanari (whatever that is)
-Illogical stuff (something that defies reality - UNLESS IT'S SOMETHING FUNNY)
-Vomiting (You're sick)
-Racist/stereotypical stuff (Don't bother asking me)

If you are willing to commission me,here are the prices :
-Sketch (Ordinary/original character) = $1
-Sketch (Headshot) = $1.50
-Sketch (Animal/Anthro/Feral) = $2-$5 (depends on complexity)
-Sketch (Chibi) = $4
-Sketch (Weapon/clothing apparel/equipment) = $2 - $10 (depends on complexity)
-Sketch (Character with weapon/equipment) -$5-$10 (depends on complexity)
Extra stuff (1 or 2 more things) = +$1 each

-Ink (Ordinary/original) =$3
-Ink (Headshot) =$3
-Ink (Animal/Anthro/Feral) = $4-$9 (depends on complexity)
-Ink (Chibi) = $2.50
-Ink (Weapon/clothing apparel/equipment) = $5-$10 (depends on complexity)
-Ink (Character with weapon/equipment) = $5-$10 (depends on complexity)
Extra stuff (1 or 2 more things) = $.75 each

-Flat color (Ordinary/original character) = $5
-Flat color (Headshot) = $3.50
-Flat color (Animal/Anthro/Feral) = $5-$15 (depends on complexity)
-Flat color (Chibi) = $4
-Flat color (weapon/clothing apparel/equipment) = $6-$15 (depends on complexity)
-Flat color (character with weapon/equipment) = $6-$15 (depends on complexity)
-Flat color (character + setting) = $7-25 (depends on complexity)
Extra stuff (1 or 2 more things) = $1 each

-Entire color (ordinary/original character) = $5 (with background : +$5-10 *depends on complexity)
-Entire color (headshot) = $4
-Entire color (Animal/Anthro/Feral) = $5 - $15 (depends on complexity)
-Entire color (Chibi) = $4
-Entire color (weapon/clothing apparel/equipment) = $5-$15 (depends on complexity)
-Entire color (Reference sheet) = $10-$20 (depends on complexity)
-Entire color (character with weapon/equipment) = $8-$16 (depends on complexity)
-Entire color (character + setting) = $5-25 (Depends on complexity)
Extra stuff/characters (1 or 2 more things) = $1.50 each

-Detailed pic (ordinary/original character) = $8 (with background : +$5-25 *depends on complexity)
-Detailed pic (headshot) = $5 -Detailed pic (Animal/Anthro/Feral) = $10-$15 (depends on complexity)
-Detailed pic (Chibi) = $5
-Detailed pic (weapon/clothing apparel/equipment) = $10-$20 (depends on complexity)
-Detailed pic (Reference sheet) = $10-30 (depends on complexity)
-Detailed pic (character with weapon/equipment) = $10-$25 (depends on complexity)
-Detailed pic (character + setting) = $10-55 (depends on complexity)
Extra stuff/characters (1 or 2 more things) = $3 each

Pornographic/adult stuff!
Note that I will draw some pornographic drawings,just the lower waist of your characters will not be seen much so be aware!
-Sketch = $4-8 (depends on complexity)
-Ink = $5-10 (depends on complexity)
-flat color = $5-10 (depends on complexity)
-Entire color = $5-15 (depends on complexity)
-Detailed pic = $5-30 (depends on complexity)
Extra things will cost between $5 - $20 depending on what they are

-Tattoo designs = $5-15 (depends on its complexity)
More than one tattoo $10 (each)

If you'd like to commission me,then note me,and I will give you my email,depending on what you want and we'll talk - send me your payment on paypal and I'll give you my paypal name x3
As for Adult rated pics,note me your email so that I may send it to you - I am aware that DeviantArt is strict on adult rated pictures,so I won't risk it here!

Thanks for reading guys!
More art will be coming your way! =D =D =D =D =D

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Killswitch Engage : "This Fire Burns"
  • Reading: The Bible (not joking,I really am lol)
  • Watching: Batman/Superman : Apocalypse
  • Playing: Happy wheels
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water


Sketch commissions
Michael Sanchez WIP by-BlackKnife12 by BlackKnife12
Spetsnaz shotgun design WIP by-BlackKnife12 by BlackKnife12
-Sketch (Ordinary/original character) = $2
-Sketch (Headshot) = $1.50
-Sketch (Animal/Anthro/Feral) = $2-$5 (depends on complexity)
-Sketch (Chibi) = $4
-Sketch (Weapon/clothing apparel/equipment) = $2 - $10 (depends on complexity)
-Sketch (Character with weapon/equipment) -$5-$10 (depends on complexity)
Extra stuff (1 or 2 more things) = +$1 each


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