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thanks for visiting my page blacknife!
Sun Aug 17, 2014, 5:43 AM
i did not know you do a shout box.
Mon Jul 28, 2014, 10:21 PM
Mon May 5, 2014, 12:09 PM
This is a shoutbox
Mon Apr 15, 2013, 5:30 PM
Wed Nov 21, 2012, 12:46 AM
aaaaaah thank you so much guys!!
Sun Oct 21, 2012, 8:58 AM
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Work status

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 12:26 AM
Hello,ladies and gentlemen
BlackKnife12 here! =3

So,just to give you a heads up,I am still alive,despite some small activities here on deviantart and furaffinity. I have some sketch pieces I have yet to finish on my weekends here in the Army - but I am doing well ; I have been working out all 5 days a week,been losing some weight steadily,and as well as working hard to get at least a promotion in my first year here in the US Army >w<. All in all,I am doing fine =)

In other news,I am starting to work on my current story,"Protocol Dogma".
You all know I am making this story,as my own reboot to the old animated series you may or may not remember,"Road Rovers". As some of you may have read about what my story is about,but in case you don't,Protocol Dogma is basically a darker version/reboot to the old Tom Ruegger animated series : this darker version is basically a comic-book materialized version - more heroes,more villains,more conflicts,and more importantly,more character development.
It's no secret that I love comic books to my close friends (both in RL and IL) but in case you don't know,I love comic books...xD
But I'm not the kind to like one franchise over the other : such as DC over Marvel,or the other way around. In my opinion,I'm both DC and Marvel =3. "What does this have to do with the topic?"....everything,really :v

Marvel and DC has incredibly awesome superheroes,super-villains,and as well as the situations between the two factions.
Marvel has a few visionary writers that project some awesome action sequences with an excellent chemistry of characters,both hero and villain.
DC,on the other hand,has some more interesting characters : For example,most of the heroes and villains aren't exactly heroes/villains with superpowers,yet still considered as such and such >w<.

So,where am I going with this?
Here it is!......................................

I am considering on starting on my "Protocol Dogma" comic book series.
Despite my love for drawing military,special forces,black operation drawings/pieces,I'm considering to going back to my comic book-loving self,and start on a new story with vast character development and situations between our group of heroes,and an army of villains. 

In case you guys aren't familiar with my series yet,here's a summary of my protagonists and antagonists :
In case most of you remember,there are characters that are still from "Road Rovers",just changed and modified in a way to fit in the story :
-Colleen Meredith (Colleen: Sergeant in the Special Air Service (SAS)
-Joseph Hemming (CODENAME : HUNTER) : Staff Sergeant - US Army 75th Regiment/Army Rangers (DISCHARGED)
-Eric Krieger (CODENAME : BLITZKRIEG/BLITZ) : 1st Lieutenant - Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) - (DISCHARGED)
-Sergei Odjrenko (CODENAME : EXILE: 1st Lieutenant - Russian Spetsnaz/Vympel/KGB - (DISCHARGED)

Most of these characters are much modified and modernized from the cartoon.
And here are the original protagonists :
-John Harrison : Captain - Green Berets (DISCHARGED)/Colonel - Protocol DOGMA
-Jack Holland (Human) : 2nd Lieutenant - CIA/OGA (Other Government Agency)
-Cody Brandt : a 12 year old Fennec fox with an IQ of 220 and that handles super computer electronics
-Rose LeFleur : a 27 year old Shetland sheepdog who specializes in medical treatment and vehicle engineering.
-Jason Collins (CODENAME : WHEELER) :  A 28 year old blonde furred wolf/fox with a very high speed stealth,and a sergeant in the United States 75th Regiment Rangers.
-Derrick Haggard (CODENAME : WRECKER) :  A 35 year old (human) soldier with a very well marskman score,and a sergeant first class in the United States 75th Regiment Rangers.
-Brian Bowman (CODENAME : ARCHER) : A 42 year old (human) soldier in the Special Air Service/SAS/British special forces,who is known to have been through an accident which left his right eye in a very clairvoyant state - meaning his eye clarity is at high quality,and having no problem with firing at a far distance. He also wields a modified compound bow.
- Kevin Barnes (CODENAME : WINGSHIFT) : A former Staff Sergeant in the United States Army Airborne Rangers division,a large winged Hawk,excellent marksmanship and as well as archery.
- Jennifer Thea Carmine (CODENAME : GEAR) : A female lab-rat,specializes in medical assistance and as well as an intelligent engineer.

I also have a bunch of villains - far more menacing and a lot more villains/antagonists/anti-heroes than in the old cartoon,honestly >w<
(EDITED : 07/11/2014 : MORE VILLAINS!)
-Victor Harrison : An insane psychopath,terrorist mastermind,and John's brother
-Jack Harrison : (Not-so) psychotic ganglord,and Victor's estranged son,and John's nephew
-Saito : A samurai/warrior/bounty hunter/mercenary,master sword expert,and an old friend of John
-Roman Morgan Westley : A grey wolf,who's opulent in the underworld of weapons smuggling,and a very high tempered man.
-Ironclad : A bio-engineer,wearing a super exoskeleton that is powered by steam and have pressure cannon-gauntlets
  (*The gauntlets are inspired by the show "BIG-0" ^^)
-Disparo/Leonard Cooper : A komodo dragon,who's former special forces (US Army Rangers),sniper master and expert,and a bounty hunter
-Daemon : An immortal demon,who is nearly 500 years old,and has the ability to turn anything to ash by a touch of his finger
-Archibald Kingsley : a former scientist,who exposed himself to his experiments and transformerd into a super-gorilla,causing his IQ to reach to a huge extent,and have super strength at the same time
-"One Ghost" (anti-hero) : an unknown vigilante/mercenary,who is an excellent shooter,combat strategist,martial artist expert,and a sniper master
-Rorke : A muscular alligator,who is a former warlord,now wanted by NATO,and has the most thickest skin,it's considered "bullet-proof"
-Elena : a female assassin,with a high IQ,and a master swordsman
-Crowe : A mysterious necromancer,who is extremely intelligent,and possibly a time traveler
-Xavier : (CLASSIFIED PERSON) who is former special forces,CIA's "most wanted",has incredible intelligence and strength,and a former member of "Protocol DOGMA" (FUTURE SPOILER)
-Charles Samuel Eklund : A dark indigo hawk,who has an extremely high IQ,a bio-engineer and alchemist,and is at least 400 years old
-General George "Parvo" Harmmond (human) : a long drifter,who later became a war lord in Northern Ireland. He moved into the United States to become secretive as a ganglord with an underground army in the underworld.
-Seyana : (Anti-hero) A female leopard,who pertains the skills with wielding dual blades,trained in Krav Maga and Russian martial arts,and as well as able to speak in multiple languages.
-Lady Reaver : a werewolfess who is a cybernetic bounty hunter,with claws and teeth that shifts to metal
-Madam Mysteria : a mysterious masked woman who controls the psychological and dreams of those who become her victims
-Persia (anti-hero) : a classy Afghan hound,who is quite the opulent ponzi-schemer and as well as a woman who knows a few good hitmen. She also studies astronomy.
-Miranda Gibson (anti-hero) : a female African wild dog,who is a former US Marine,specializing in explosions and secretive detonations. She is also Jack's exgirlfriend.
-Bloodshot : former special forces in the United States Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta/SFOD-D/Delta Force,a professional sniper,and as well as a remarkable marksman,whom he wears a highly advanced suit that is bulletproof ; he also wears a helmet wear the lens is connected to a high processing voltage capacitator on his suit that will enable him to blast a plasma cannon beam out of his lens.
-Scale : a black scaled komodo dragon,whom was born with a slight birth defect - making him entirely black scaled. His IQ reaches up to 220,making him a dangerous extremist mastermind.
Knight-Owl : a former peace politician,turned psychotic and justice thirsty. AKA,Jason Edwards,was met in an event that led his life from tragic,to bloodthirsty - vowing of not only vengeance,but also vowing to avenge the justice that "America has thrown in the abyss and left it to rot itself". He wears a high velocity and very stable battlesuit,as an image to an owl.
Night-Flare : a former baseball player,turned into a mercenary from a freak-accident,turning him into a skeleton that expels dark-matter flames. He is also known to be an emotional/angry ticking time-bomb.
Meta-Bat : a former sociopath vigilante-turned hitman/mercenary,wearing a large bat-shaped exosuit.
Blood-Falcon : A former Air Force sergeant,turned into an aerial stealth mercenary. She is also known to be formerly praised for nearly killing a total of 12 Jihad/Taliban members,but were jeered when it was discovered to be all unsanctioned missions.
Magnet : A Texas born huntsman and former vigilante,who wields and wears a special suit with the ability to absorb metal objects and material,transferring it into energy and cannon blasts.

I hope to get started pretty soon - I don't like to place a date or time just yet,because with all the work I have here in the Army,I don't know if I'll be able to get started right away.
But I will be uploading some WIPs of my characters to show you guys,and give you an idea on what the story will look like

Give me your opinions on what you think - and please keep them appropriate!

Thank you guys! =D

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  • Watching: Transformers Age of Extinction
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  • Eating: oatmeal cookies
  • Drinking: water,water,oh water xD


Sketch commissions
Michael Sanchez WIP by-BlackKnife12 by BlackKnife12
Spetsnaz shotgun design WIP by-BlackKnife12 by BlackKnife12
-Sketch (Ordinary/original character) = $2
-Sketch (Headshot) = $1.50
-Sketch (Animal/Anthro/Feral) = $2-$5 (depends on complexity)
-Sketch (Chibi) = $4
-Sketch (Weapon/clothing apparel/equipment) = $2 - $10 (depends on complexity)
-Sketch (Character with weapon/equipment) -$5-$10 (depends on complexity)
Extra stuff (1 or 2 more things) = +$1 each


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2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - your thoughts? 

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